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"I cannot say enough wonderful words about Kathryn Hedges. She is talented, capable, kind, determined, and a great artist and business woman.


Kathryn produces products that I sell at Gioia Italian Art and Products and we have worked together for many years and on several big project orders and she always follows through. Her products are beautiful. I enjoy having her join us during Gioia open house events."

--Kathy W., Owner

Gioia Company

Gioia Company is a local vendor of Italian artisan gifts, both imported from Italy and custom-made by local artists. The support of this alliance has been invaluable, from orders of lanterns and jewelry for resale, to commissioning thank-you gifts for events, and brokering commissions from businesses and groups in the local Italian-American community.

Project Portfolio

These project summaries supplement the Past Performance listing to provide a greater understanding; reference contact information is available by request. You can also chat with the owner over virtual coffee for stories of this excellent business relationship.

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